Arabic / Hebrew Translation Services Services for the Arabic Language is one of the largest professional foreign language translation companies in Israel, offering translations for official  legal documents, documents of a medical nature , notarized documents and financial documents from Hebrew to Arabic and Arabic to Hebrew.

Translating Hebrew into Arabic compels the translator to understand the unique history of the Hebrew language and its subsequent relationship to Arabic.

The Linguistic Hurdles in Hebrew-Arabic Translations

At first glance, Hebrew-Arabic translations should be easy to perform as Hebrew and Arabic are two Semitic languages and share structural characteristics foreign to Latin languages. The most blatant similarity is that they are both written from right to left, but that is a minor detail. Another similarity is that, unlike English that has singular and plural forms only, Arabic and Hebrew both have singular, dual and plural forms where the plural denotes three or more.

Thus we have: safina– one ship; safinatein–two ships; sufun–three or more ships. Yet, there stops the similarity. Whereas dual completely general in Arabic, applying to all nouns. Hebrew’s dual is limited to select nouns for things that come in pairs: misparayim–pair of scissors; raglayim–two legs; shnatayim–two years.

Without even exploring the differences between Hebrew and Arabic, this example of a minor dissimilarity underlines the linguistic hurdles in Hebrew-Arabic translations that make Hebrew-Arabic translations a job best handled by professionals.

In addition, when performing a Hebrew-Arabic translation, one has to know whether the translation is to be made into, classic Arabic, Magreb or Mashreq Arabic, or is targeting a definite region of Arab speakers and then choose the appropriate Hebrew-Arabic translator.

Whatever your needs for Hebrew-Arabic translations, Hebrew Translation service will provide you with the Hebrew-Arabic translator that you need.

All Hebrew-Arabic translators working with have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that they will always produce translations that are more than simply accurate and complete. Their translations are indiscernible from a text originally written in Arabic.


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