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Hebrew-Translation.com Services for the English Language

HebrewTranslation.com is one of the largest professional foreign language translation companies in Israel, offering legal, medical, notary and financial translations from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew.

Why rely on a Hebrew-English translator instead of just asking a bilingual co-worker?

Performing quality Hebrew-English translations requires much more than just the mastery of both languages, even more so than for other language combinations.

The differences in the very structure and internal logic of the two languages imply that a Hebrew-English translator will need to be able to adapt a word-based language to a grammar-based language.

Indeed, whereas the English language boasts a lavish wealth of words that enables the English speaker to convey an infinite number of nuances with high precision, the Hebrew language relies more on a complex use of the large number of intricate grammar rules through which the precision of the nuances are conveyed.

A Hebrew-English translation therefore requires much more than simply the ability to express oneself equally well in both languages. In addition to the usual cultural hurdles faced by any professional translator in providing a translation that sounds like it has been written by a native, the Hebrew-English translator will have to switch from a vocabulary based stylistic logic to a grammar based one.

All Hebrew-English translators working with hebrew-translation.com have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that they will always produce translations that are more than simply accurate and complete. Their translations are indiscernible from a text originally written in English.


Interested in our translation services? Click here for a simple free quote form, or call us at: (00)-972-3-5245035. You can also email us at milatova@netvision.net.il with any questions you may have regarding your translation project.

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