Hebrew Medical Translation

Hebrew Translation offers a professional translation service, specializing in translating Hebrew medical documents to and from English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian.

Medical Translation is a highly specialized subfield of the translation service world. As health is our most precious possession, particular attention is required when translating documents of a medical nature. A professional medical translator is a translator who has undergone extended formal medical education.

A professional medical translator has to understand the meaning and medical implication of the medical documents he has to translate. As a mistake in the translation has potential lethal consequences, the professional medical translator is trained to accept only translation for which he or she is qualified, hence to decline accepting medical translation job before seeing the document and assessing that he or she is competent to translate it.

A mistake in a medical translation might have dramatic consequences, which is why it is best that at least two medical linguists work on each medical translation, one translating and one editing the translation, which is the rule for all translations performed at hebrew-translations.com.

At hebrew-translations.com, our pool of veteran professional medical translators is tried, tested and highly reliable. For years they have translated innumerable

  • Clinical trials
  • Medical reports
  • Medical files
  • Medical certificates
  • Medical research reports
  • Medications notice
  • Legal/medical reports
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Master Patient Information
  • Applicant privacy documents
  • Clinical trials
  • Diagnosis card
  • Drug labels
  • Flow charts
  • Laboratory manuals
  • Patient diary
  • Patient id card
  • Protocols
  • User guide
  • User manual
  • And other medical documents

In addition to the above medical translation services, our team of professional medical translators is trained in handling the particularly exacting requirements of medical translation that sometimes demand additional quality assurance processes such as BACKTRANSLATIONS and RECONCILIATION reports.

Whether for translation, editing, backtranslation or reconciliation reports, all professional medical translators and medical editors working for Hebrew Translations.com have a medical degree and have been thoroughly vetted for their linguistic abilities.

All Hebrew medical translations performed by hebrew-translation.com are proofread and edited by a professionally qualified medical linguist other than the medical translator.


Interested in our translation services? Click here for a simple free quote form, or call us at: (00)-972-3-5245035. You can also email us at milatova@netvision.net.il with any questions you may have regarding your translation project.

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